WenLing ZeGuo LiMin Electronic Component Factory


    Wenling Zeguo Limin Electronic Component Factory was founded in 1994,a professional manufacturer of metalized polypropylene film capacitors,Our main items are: CBB series running capacitor, CD series starting capacitors,lighting capacitors and so on. They are widely uesed for motors, pumps, air compressors, washing machines, refrigrators,air conditioners, fans, lamps and so on. we have passed ISO 9001,CQC,ROHS,UL,TUV and CE certifications.

    We have advanced automatic production equipment, compeletly testing equipments for providing high-quality products. We always abide by the principle of quality first, user foremost, punctual delivery.our items are popular in Europe, America, Middle East, and Southeast Asia and so on.

    We warmly welcome new and old customers to our company know about us .We will be continual adhering "integrity management, cooperation and mutual benefits" principle, hand in hand improving and creating together.


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